long time not posting here.

It has been long time not posting anything here, but it is cause I have been busy with personal affairs, travels, going to shows, and starting to take care more  about my work as photographer.

A couple good things have happened since last time I posted here. One: After 7 years since I bught my first digital DLSR camera, my beloved canon 400D, last april had the chance to buy a new camera body, now my new friend is a CANON 7D. I was looking forward for this one, and I got the chance to find it as 2nd hand body in an excellent condition and in a good price.

Then a couple week ago I got the chance of my first wedding photo shooting since I am living in Germany. It was a very unexpected thing, a woman phoned me asking about she needed urgent a photographer for her wedding. I was so glad o f this chance, actually I am not taking dates for shootings due it is a bit difficult because I need someone to take care of my daughter if I want to work, but this time it was a good chance due my husband was on holidays just on the week of the wedding. It was a very simple wedding,  just the couple and few relatives around at the city hall for the ceremony. Nothing big or special at all, which was ok due currently I have not time for covering/working on big events. So, this is another reason why I have been not up dating this blog, but on next posts you will see the pictures that I have been working on with my new camera.





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