my beloved prima mini II

Last weekend I went for a walk with my husband, my daughter and our friend Kim. I took my canon babies, my canon 7D and my canon prima miniII. While walking I decided to shoot a selfie so here is one of the results (I’ll post the other photo as soon as I finish the film and developed it):

This camera, it is a precious thing of my small collection. When I moved from Ecuador to Spain in 2001 I had a Konica Z-up 70 VP but unfortunately I lost it during my trip (I forgot a small bag in a taxi from the airport) . So after saving some euros for buying a “new” one, I went to a second hand store in the city where I used to live in that time, Murcia (located in the south-eastern of Spain). I was checking out the cameras and then I saw that CANON PRIMA MIN II, which was in mint condition for 18 euros more or less. So, I saw it, I checked it out and I fell in love of it, so as  I couldn’t effort to buy a digital compact camera that is why I decided to buy a film camera again.  Since then I’ve been shooting lot of photographs with this nice baby. It was a season that it wasn’t working due a problems with the lens, but now it is back on track and shooting thrills!

I do not have scanned all the film photographs I’ve taken with this camera in the past, but here you can see some few ones:



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