Sophie’s birthday

Last 26th June my little monster torn 2 years old. I had lot things that I forgot to post some pictures that I took during the small celebration we did for her. My mom was visiting us around those days so it was perfect for her, Sophie, that her granny was at her birthday party. We meet with my mother just two times per year, when we go to Spain for visiting my relatives who live there. This year we are not going to Spain in summer due our moving to a new appartment, so my mom said she could not resist until december to see us. She came and spent 5 days with us. It was so nice and good to have her with us, and the most that Sophie enjoys to be with her “Lita” (brief word for “abuelita”, which means grandmother in spanish).

Sophie had lot of fun, mainly playing with the sand, she loves it! At the kindergarten she can spend the whole day outside playing with sand, and she did it at her party. Her little friends came, she has just few ones, the closest and with whom she has a good relationship.

This was my chance to bake a birthday cake for first time, I was happy for baking a cake to my daughter and it tasted good and looked nice. I am a disaster as baker, cooker and so on, or better said I am housewife disaster. But anyway, the main and important thing it was that we had fun and enjoyed lot.




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