wedding: NINA and WOLLE, RockandRoll is Love.

Long time not up dating this blog, now it is not my laziness, it is because Internet service is still not working at our new home.

So, here I come with several pictures I shoot for my good friend Nina and her husband Wolle. The wedding was last 25th July, located in a small village of the northeastern Bavaria, Germany. As fans of rock & roll music, they chose that as theme for their wedding, and I was so glad to have the chance to make pictures of such a very nice Do it Yourself wedding, full of love, rock&roll and fun. Please, give me the chance to shoot at weddings like this one!







There was time for some funny shots…

For some romantic ones…


They were always with a smile in their face almost the whole time.


As I said before, it was a DIY wedding. All organization and decoration was made by Nina and Wolle, both with the help of family and friends done all the work. I was fascinated with it! I really find nice when couples make things by themselves, it is a hard and complicated work in someway, and take time and some people prefer to delegate this work to a wedding organizer, things that in some way I understand. But if you prefer do all about your wedding I just can say: RESPECT!





And as a wedding with ROCK&ROLL as theme, they had a rock&roll band! Ladies wearing Polka dots Dresses and dancing hard nearly all night long.





The Wedding cake was not a fancy one like we can see at classic weddings, they made something different and had such a nice top deco based on Sugar Skulls, Nina has been in Mexico couple times and she is a fan of Mexican culture, so she got that Wedding Couple Sugar Skull for the cake. That’s terrifying sweet!





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