Book review: “Pequeños grandes Fotógrafos” by Jackie Rueda.

Last week I came back from visiting my family in Spain, like every year I do for spending New Years with them since I moved from Barcelona to Germany.

There is a nice photographer called JACKIE RUEDA from Venezuela based in Canada, who I follow since some time ago by Flickr and Facebook and recently by Instagram, and her photo work is wonderful! It’s such inspirational, full of light, colours, joyfulness and details. Also she has an amazing online photography school which I am looking forward to join soon or later (as soon as I finish to get my driving license so I will have money available). Jackie has released last year a book where she is giving 10 secrets, games and ideas to Children about how to take pictures and become a good photographers. So when I saw about that book I wanted it madly, since I realized that my daughter, who is just 27 months old right now, loves to play with some of my cameras and take pictures (selfies incluided!). The book  PEQUEÑOS GRANDES FOTÓGRAFOS (Little Big Photographers) is in spanish and it has been edited by the spanish toy store IMAGINARIUM, so as soon as I landed in Spain I started to haunt it. In several stores it was sold out! Then when it came the day we had to go back to Germany, I was a bit sad that I did not find it, so we were walking around the airport in Barcelona when my husband so an Imaginarium store, then we ran into the store and asked about and OH SURPRISE! They had some few books in! Sophie (my daughter) said: “hurra! hurra!” (german version of “hooray!) and she wanted to open it inmediately. So when we were waiting at the boarding gate for our flight when Sophie asked for her book, opened and said “oh mama, das ist schön!” (Oh mama, this is nice!) She sat down in the floor and started to check it out.

COLLAGE-BOOKSOPHIEDuring our flight I checked out and read the book. Such a nice and lovely work! Very nice design, made by also a good artist a graphich designer from Spain called MEISI (which I just started to follow last december). All text is simple explained in a language that kids can understand and read without problems.

I am so glad that we have could get this book and I am looking forward when Sophie starts to learn to read so she can put this book in her top list of books which she will learn something wonderful like photography. Thanks and Congrats to Jackie for such a marvelous work!

If you and your kids can read in spanish and are interested to get this book, you can ordered online because is not available in America (continent) or get a digital version for Ebooks.

Photo taken from JACKIERUEDA.COM

3 respuestas a “Book review: “Pequeños grandes Fotógrafos” by Jackie Rueda.

    1. De nada guapa! Gracias a ti por compartir tan linda profesión y tus conocimientos para los más pequeñines. Ya amigos míos me están preguntando por el libro.
      Besos y abrazos desde Baviera!


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