First experience with a photo camera.

the first camera I ever had was a KODAK START 110. I got it on my communion day, I was around 9 or 10 years old or so. I got so excited when I saw it, though I do not remember who exactly gave it to me, maybe any of my aunts or uncles, or my godfather or godmother (well, they were also my uncle and aunt ;P).

So, I opened the gift, and the long horizontal camera was there, and inside the box also it had a film cartridge, those 110 weird ones. I was like “so, how hell I have to use this????”. If I am not wrong, one of my aunts/uncles taught me how to load the cartridge, so I started to snap shots like if there was not end.

Years later photography has became my profession, i would never imagined it. It was destiny.

Here you are some of those first shots:

my little cousins Carlos and Roberth, this was the first shot with the camera.primerasfotos9

My dad and my maternal grand-aunt Sarbelia. This was on my communion day.


Another communion day shot, my godfather and godmother (my uncle Alfonso and my aunt Marisol)primerasfotos3

Portrait of my grand-aunt Sarbelia.


Family shot at the Family Farm of my grandfather. From left to right: my grand-uncle Ricardo Ortega, my mom Janeth Ortega, my grandpa German Ortega, my grand-uncle Marcos Ortega and uncle Edison Serrano.primerasfotos5

snapshot of my cousin Carlos.

my mom Janeth, shot during one of our weekend road trips to the beach.primerasfotos7

family celebration.primerasfotos8


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