NOT ASHAMED, against body-shaming photo project.

Last year I shoot some self portraits inspired on a wonderful photos taken by a photographer from USA called Jade Bael, which the aim of her photographs is to empower women and their bodies after being mothers.

When I shown/published on this blog my photos, some of my friends told me how they liked it and they would like to take part in something like that. So, I have a conversation with one of those friends, Cynthia, who is close to our lil’ family and used to be our neighbor. She wanted join my project , so last week we met and we made this photo session at her home.

Cynthia is a mom of a 15 years old teen girl with whom has a very good relation mom-daughter (thing that normally in teenage years is complicated somehow), have a long time relation-ship with her partner Veit. She loves reading, performing as an amateur actress in locals Theater,  and love the color blue.

Main aim/purpose of this kind of shootings is make women feel comfortable and flawless, feeling good with themselves. Just like Cynthia who shown her interest in my photo project, I would love to find more women who would like to join it. It does not matter if you are mom or not, the body size/shape, if you are tattooed or not, if you are curvy or skinny, if you are small or tall, if you are into fitness/bodybuilding or you aren’t. Either you don’t need to have experience as model and with posing, if you shave your armpits/legs or not, all that is no necessary for me. What really matters is that you love yourself, the way you are, that you are NOT ASHAMED of you and your body, that you believe in empower others females and encourage them to smash those silly beauty standards. So, if you feel this, get in contact with me via email (go to my contact formular), I would love to hear about you and help us each other, work together and inspiring others.

Remember: “You are not ugly, society is”

I want to finish this post with these couple things:

A nice and moving song from Natalie Merchant. Mainly if you have young daughters you would feel this song, how it talks about young girls who hate themselves/their bodies based on what beauty standards are.

“Tell yourself that you’re not pretty, look at you, you’re beautiful!”








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