the end and the start

This is the first post of this year and since months in this blog. I don’t know what to do for being more focused on posting here and being less lazy, even I have the WORDPRESS app for Iphone, in my will to be able on writing/posting more, but sometimes many things in my head and my daily life, and my kinda addiction to INSTAGRAM, keep me away from the world of blogs. I have lot of photos to post/publish but procastination wins.

The galleries I am showing now it is of photos taken during the visit we did in Spain to my family in Murcia for New Years, it is kinda a “tradition” that after Xmas’s eve here in Germany we fly to Spain for spending couple weeks with my family there. We split the days between Murcia, where most of my relatives live, and Barcelona, where most of my good friends live.

Murcia is a city where I used to live when I moved from my homeland Ecuador to Spain in 2001, due my parents and brother were living there back then. Two years later, in 2003, I moved to Barcelona. I have been always a person who likes to live in big cities, well my hometown Guayaquil is the second biggest city of Ecuador. So my heart is splitted between MURCIA and BARCELONA, though the city that really is the owner of my  heart and I feel it like a second home without doubt is Barcelona. That city is and will be forever with me.




Spending holidays with the family can be stressed sometimes, this time there was mellow, so it was not bad at all. We were/are excited because my young brother Erick is getting married next May 20016, so we were all the time talking and planning about the wedding. As I got married here in Germany and somehow in a quick way due the birth of my daughter and regulate mine and her situation in this country, so we had not a typical wedding celebration and no one from my family was present, not even my mom, and my family was sad they could not came in such a important event for me and my husband. So this one of the reasons why is exciting every member of my family in Spain.

I took a couple ‘Engagement’ photos of Erick and his soon-to-be wife Martha, she is from Cali – Colombia, so the wedding will be a very latino style and you can imagine how that could be, party all night long dancing cumbias, salsa, merengue and sure reggaeton (I am starting to train my husband to learn how to dance these music style, Germans like him are not good at all with dancing latin music haha). We were trying several days to stage the engagement photo shooting but due Erick’s new job timetable was very tight we could not make it possible, so we had to take couple impromptu shots during couple family dinners we had.


That is how was the end of 2015 and the start of 2016.



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