MARTHA & ERICK [wedding photography]

This has been one of the most important weddings that I had to do lately, due it was my young brother Erick getting married. He and his wife Martha has been in a relationship since 2010, last year Erick did the proposal to Martha and everybody in the family was happy and excited about. This also meant the union of two families from South-America, Erick from Ecuador and Martha from Colombia.

Last May. 28th was the wedding day in Murcia, south-eastern of Spain, where my most of my family live since 1999. We were very nervous, mainly me because being the sister of the groom and at same time the wedding’s photographer is a double role to play that day and I was worried about no missing the important moments as same time to enjoy the wedding.

I started to take some shots on Friday’s evening, shooting pictures of some of the decoration which was all done by my sister-in-law Martha. I love that she is a very good in handcrafting.


The wedding’s day started for us Martha, her mom and me at 07am when we went to the hair Saloon for getting our hair styles done, then going back home for getting the make-up meanwhile my niece Sara (Erick’s daughter) and my daughter Sophie were getting ready with the help of my mom and my husband Julian.

The turn to dress up then was for Martha with the help of her sister Milena, though the little ones like my niece and my daughter wanted to see how was their step-mom and auntie doing with the dress.

Then time to leave to the church…

Some kinda amusing moment was when Sophie started to cry when she was part of the bridal court, and they were arriving to the altar and she got kinda afraid of the church and the whole ceremony. So I had to stop taking pictures for a couple minutes calm her down and then bring her to my husband so she could sit down by his side and not panic.


This was my first time shooting a wedding in a catholic church, previous weddings I have been shooting have been non-religious ones, so I was like trying my best to keep the things just like the priest asked and don’t get in troubles with him since I don’t simpatize at all with religious “authority”.

And here the just married portrait…


and time for portraits with the families:

1st row from LtoR photos: my brother, my niece and my mom – the just married couple with their parents and children – my maternal family side: my aunt Bertha, her grandson Ricardo, my mom, my aunt Ivon and her daughter Samantha. – Martha’s family most of them came straight from Colombia just for the wedding.

2nd row LtoR: My stepbrothers and dad. – My crew aka my husband and daughter, yeah somehow I had to make a stop a take a picture with my brother and sister-in-law ;) – my paternal family crew: my stepbrothers and their girlfriends, my lil’ step-sister, my dad and his wife. – Dad, uncle Nico, aunt Flor and uncle Ivan, this was my dad’s side family photo, sadly my oldest uncle arrived late so he and his family missed the ceremony.

Now this is how looks Erick’s family picture with my niece Sara, plus Stefany and Nicolas who are Martha’s children.


as the people were waiting outside of the church and taking photos I was taking some candid shots… Like this one of Erick and Martha with her daughter Stefany (now my step-niece) taking a selfie, and one shot of my maternal family, my mom with her aunt, sisters and my cousins being photographed by the partner of one of my aunts.


Later we drove to the venue where the party was hosted, and all guests were waiting for the just married couple and give them the welcome.

Then some photos with our family members: 1) My uncles Ivan and Carlos (the youngest and oldest brothers of my dad), my aunt Flor, Erick and our dad Enón. 2) The Olayaguys squad 3) the most beautiful grandma, my mom Janeth with her grand-daughters, my Sara and Sophie. 4 and 5) Portraits of my sister-in-law with her step-daughter and son.

Of course I had to do a short pause drink a Coca-Cola and pose for couple photos with my husband and step-brothers, while my cousin Carlos took my camera for making this shot possible.


but I went back to the pit and shoot a photo of these funny guys included my cousin Carlos.


Time for the details shots of the venue/hall.

There was a couple of emotional moments during this wedding. First one was when my dad dedicated one Ranchera song (typical mexican music that my dad loves) to my brother, in which the lyric speaks a very emotive message from father to son about do not follow his bad steps and better be a good man to his wife and family, so Erick and dad were holding their tears and later Erick went to sit besides our mom and enjoy the party.

The next emo moment: Erick and Martha gave to their mothers a Rose’s bouquet as way to honor them and say them thank you for all hard work what they have done as divorced moms raising their kids by themselves.

Martha made a special gift of a bouquet to her cousin Maribel, who was in a hard time because her youngest son (12 years old) is fighting against cancer, the kid was at the wedding but he had to leave due he was not feeling good consequence the latest chemo he has got. And due this moment I could not avoid to be touched and tears came to my eyes, so my brother took my camera away, embraced me and say: “ven aca flaca pendeja! eres tan sentimental” (come here silly girl, you are so emo!) So one of my cousins shot those photos of us and my mom came to check if i was doing ok.

To continue with the emo time, the ones that made my brother cry were when we shown him a surprise video sent by our maternal grandmother Germania who lives in Ecuador and sadly could not come to the wedding, as soon as she started to talk on the video and said those lovely wishes to Erick and Martha, my brother could not hold the tears and feeling a bit sad that his ‘viejita’ (our granny) was alone in Ecuador while we were partying. After the video then my niece Sara and my younger step-sister Zobeyda performed a surprise dancing. Erick’s smile came back and it was an amusing moment until something happened with the song and Sara got angry cause that spoiled their show, so she started to cry and felt upset, ran to her dad and say that her surprise was ruined. Erick just embraced her and told her that never mind, he loves her and also loved her gesture and the short performance

Done with the emotional moments, it was time to cut the wedding cake and party hard, so the just married couple got in the dance floor, most of the guests also joined later to dance and the party was on until midnight. It was such a nice night with lot fun and laughs. For my husband Julian this was his first time being in a “big wedding” and attending a Latino party, he enjoyed it lot and had to learn to dance salsa and typical South-American music like Cumbia.

On next day we made the officially post-wedding photo shooting, and these are the results:

and last but not least, the little ones who could not be at the wedding party but Erick and Martha wanted to have photos with them, their furry daughters and son: Chunga, Bella and Careto. It was a bit difficult to get a photo with them posing stand still, but somehow these candid shots are sweet.




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