This post is some kinda a #flashback or #throwbackthursday, because this nice holidays we had in Italy was last October 2014, but due we had problems with the internet connection at home around that time we were around several months without being able to use our internet service properly after we came back from the holidays, so publishing hundreds of photos was not possible, then it came my driving license test ( which I failed :( ) and then I was so focused on the publishing of my Photo book of music photography.

But here I come to show you how nice was to be there and all beautiful views we had during the fours days we spent in the Garda Lake.

We were hosted in Villa Bagatta located in the village called Lazise. The hotel’s owner is a German family, and guest what? all guests were German ones (notice my sarcastic tone ;P), I think I was the only non-german person in that place, which is a very nice and lovely old timer Villa, few meters walking you have a private access to the Lake.  It has vineyards and a very nice garden area, I was fascinated and I felt like a kinda “princess in her palace”, Sophie was also fascinated by the place.


As soon as we put our stuff in our room we decided to go for a walk from the Villa to the downtown of Lazise thru the shore of the lake, which gave me the chance to make photos of these lovely views around.


So we arrived to the village and it was a nice entrance with a old castle and walls. I really love the architecture of Mediterranean lands. Several years living in Spain made me fell in love of it, so being in Italy and see those house/buildings around really fascinated me.


Then we made a stop for eating. Best Tiaglatelli  Frutti di mare I have ever eaten in long long time. Sophie got her chance for a big Chocolate ice cream even that she said she was full and didn’t want eat more pizza, but we know Kids love Ice Cream so she had some space for Choco Ice cream. After that we decide to go back to the Villa for resting and later go to swimming. So on our way back we made some stops for playing a little bit.


What fascinates me is Natura and Landscape and this area was perfect for that. It was a delight for the eyes. I couldn’t stop to take photos of almost everything around me.


And the swimming time came. It’s so cool swimming during sunset, it gave me thrills.


On next day I went for a walk in the morning thru the wineyards. I grew up part of my life in a farm when I was a kid in Ecuador, so I enjoy to walk around when I am near to farms or yards.


Then we drove to Malcesine, another village in the area. This was also a nice town to see. Very charming place and there is a castle. We were walking around, seeing what’s cool or so. Then we went to eat some pizza in a cool restaurant with some Sailor spirit, sadly I don’t remember the name, just that it was the expensive bill we payed during this trip but it was worth, the food was delicious and the service was very friendly.


On the way back to Lasize, I got fascinated by the beautiful landscapes… I was shooting photos all the time from the car’s window.


The last day of our short holidays in Italy was with a visit to the city of Verona on our way back home. What a nice city! We were walking around and we saw there was a Running race, and because that there were lot of people in the downtown with a kinda festivity vibes around.


So this way was our first Family holidays in another European country. This year we will be ack to Italy for some caomping days with the family of my mother-in-law, as it is a tradition from her family to spend every year holidays there. So I will be back next months with hundred photos of La Bella Italia.



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