Switching language.

It has been long time  since I have been not posting on this blog. Many things have caused it and mainly personal issues that I have me blocked on blogging. After a time thinking what to do, I decided that I am going to be back on track posting stuff about photography BUT using my maternal language: Spanish.

I have been all the time here posting in English as I am living in Europe and most people who read/follow this blog are from different nationalities, I thought it was the way to keep it “universal”: writing on English. But I guess it is also reason why I lately do not post often, because for every text posted I have to check my spell and grammar and that means extra time to invest. Also I have noticed that most info about photo gear and photography it is shared nowadays all in English and barely you cannot find some of that info in Spanish.

Thanks a lot to those who were following my posts in English all this time, if you want keep reading the content I will be sharing in feature, you can use the GOOGLE TRANSLATOR option that I will active.

Best Regards,





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