Photo Apps, my favorite ones.

I have been using several apps for editing photos with my smartphone. I have tried several, but just two or three have really filled my expectatives. You can see my photos taken with the Iphone most of them at my Instagram @frau.olaya VSCO CAM. First favorite app without doubt is this one. I am a [...]


First experience with a photo camera.

the first camera I ever had was a KODAK START 110. I got it on my communion day, I was around 9 or 10 years old or so. I got so excited when I saw it, though I do not remember who exactly gave it to me, maybe any of my aunts or uncles, or my [...]

my favorite little model, Sophie.

Yesterday was a nice sunny evening, though some kinda cold, but in spite of that Sophie and me went out for a walk. I was in mood to take some portraits of her playing with her tricycle, so I grabbed my camera. Not even 5 minutes and Sophie did not wanted to ride her bike [...]

Not ashamed of my body anymore!

Some weeks ago one of my contacts on Facebook shared a link of an article about a photo book called "The Bodies of Mothers" by Jade Beall, and then I saw her photo project "A beautiful body", which both are about women and their bodies after pregnancy. Several moms photographed in their most natural way, [...]

Enjoy little things in life

Enjoying little things in life using my canon 7D with an old tokina 135mm 2.8 with an adapter of canon FD to canon eos, I just can say: w o n d e r f u l.

the best model: the nature.

Some days ago I took my camera and my bicycle and I went into the forest, it was a nice sunny day. Not so warm, not so cold, a perfect weather for going around shooting pictures. This is one of the good things of living  in a small village near to the countryside, you can [...]