Switching language.

It has been long time  since I have been not posting on this blog. Many things have caused it and mainly personal issues that I have me blocked on blogging. After a time thinking what to do, I decided that I am going to be back on track posting stuff about photography BUT using my [...]



When I arrived at the house of Michaela and Patrick, I saw a big poster of Peanuts/Snoopy that says: "We love the simple things of Life". So, that's how I want to show the following gallery, simple but nice way of this sweet wedding. Enjoy!

Photo Apps, my favorite ones.

I have been using several apps for editing photos with my smartphone. I have tried several, but just two or three have really filled my expectatives. You can see my photos taken with the Iphone most of them at my Instagram @frau.olaya VSCO CAM. First favorite app without doubt is this one. I am a [...]

BARBARA & MICHAEL [Wedding Photography]

Few months ago I posted about Barbara & Michael and their pre-wedding photo shooting we did, well now here you are the photos of their wedding day. It was such a nice time working with this couple and share with them such an important day of their lives.