When I arrived at the house of Michaela and Patrick, I saw a big poster of Peanuts/Snoopy that says: "We love the simple things of Life". So, that's how I want to show the following gallery, simple but nice way of this sweet wedding. Enjoy!


Photo Apps, my favorite ones.

I have been using several apps for editing photos with my smartphone. I have tried several, but just two or three have really filled my expectatives. You can see my photos taken with the Iphone most of them at my Instagram @frau.olaya VSCO CAM. First favorite app without doubt is this one. I am a [...]


I had the pleasure to take photos of Michaela's first pregnancy couple years ago, and now we are repeating the experience with her second pregnancy plus her little daughter Lina. Hope you like the photos. and here is a then and now photo of the two pregnancies...        

MARTHA & ERICK [wedding photography]

This has been one of the most important weddings that I had to do lately, due it was my young brother Erick getting married. He and his wife Martha has been in a relationship since 2010, last year Erick did the proposal to Martha and everybody in the family was happy and excited about. This [...]

the end and the start

This is the first post of this year and since months in this blog. I don't know what to do for being more focused on posting here and being less lazy, even I have the WORDPRESS app for Iphone, in my will to be able on writing/posting more, but sometimes many things in my head and [...]