This post is some kinda a #flashback or #throwbackthursday, because this nice holidays we had in Italy was last October 2014, but due we had problems with the internet connection at home around that time we were around several months without being able to use our internet service properly after we came back from the [...]


the end and the start

This is the first post of this year and since months in this blog. I don't know what to do for being more focused on posting here and being less lazy, even I have the WORDPRESS app for Iphone, in my will to be able on writing/posting more, but sometimes many things in my head and [...]

the best model: the nature.

Some days ago I took my camera and my bicycle and I went into the forest, it was a nice sunny day. Not so warm, not so cold, a perfect weather for going around shooting pictures. This is one of the good things of living  in a small village near to the countryside, you can [...]

BW film photos

Last may, I took my Canon MiniPrima JuniorII and loaded in it a bw film for trying it if it is working ok. Well, after my fears and doubts.... these were some of the results:  

Happy Birthday Eiffel Tower!

the most famous from France, the Eiffel Tower is turning 125 years. I shot this pic that time I was for a brief time in Paris in 2008. Though I had not enough time for doing proper tourism in this city, at least I could be around the tower area and it was such a [...]