When I arrived at the house of Michaela and Patrick, I saw a big poster of Peanuts/Snoopy that says: "We love the simple things of Life". So, that's how I want to show the following gallery, simple but nice way of this sweet wedding. Enjoy!



I had the pleasure to take photos of Michaela's first pregnancy couple years ago, and now we are repeating the experience with her second pregnancy plus her little daughter Lina. Hope you like the photos. and here is a then and now photo of the two pregnancies...        

my favorite little model, Sophie.

Yesterday was a nice sunny evening, though some kinda cold, but in spite of that Sophie and me went out for a walk. I was in mood to take some portraits of her playing with her tricycle, so I grabbed my camera. Not even 5 minutes and Sophie did not wanted to ride her bike [...]

Enjoy little things in life

Enjoying little things in life using my canon 7D with an old tokina 135mm 2.8 with an adapter of canon FD to canon eos, I just can say: w o n d e r f u l.

the best model: the nature.

Some days ago I took my camera and my bicycle and I went into the forest, it was a nice sunny day. Not so warm, not so cold, a perfect weather for going around shooting pictures. This is one of the good things of living  in a small village near to the countryside, you can [...]

BW film photos

Last may, I took my Canon MiniPrima JuniorII and loaded in it a bw film for trying it if it is working ok. Well, after my fears and doubts.... these were some of the results: